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Easily login for your Apps with 1password

As do most people these days, I use an incredible number of apps and websites everyday. Remembering logins and passwords is annoying and frustrating to say the least, particularly when I lock myself for trying too many combinations too many times. Then I found 1password by agile bits and life got just a little bit better.

What 1password does

I installed 1password into Chrome on my Mac and immediately it was ready to go. When you log into any website or app 1password will offer to store the information for you (similar to the way that browsers do). However, with a browser that stores your password anyone with access to that browser can view all of your passwords or they are even auto-filled for the user when getting to the website. This is a much more secure solution.

Accessing websites

When you have a password already stored, when you visit the website you click on the little icon in your toolbar and 1password will prompt you for your master password, which is used to access the data stored in the system. After entering your master password it will recognize the site you are on and, if you have multiple logins for that site will show the different options that you’ve saved. You just click on the correct login and it does the rest – fills in your username and password and submits the form. You’re in.

Where it works

The same 1password account can be used across multiple devices, including machines running Windows and Mac operating systems, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

What is stores

In addition to the login information for your websites and apps it can also store your credit card information. This makes it extremely easy to make purchases rather than trying to decipher those 12 worn out digits on your card.


The 1Password system is a one-time fee of $24.99. They also offer a free 30-day trial. Trust me, after you’ve tried it for 30 days you are going to buy it. You will never go back to trying to remember passwords or, even worse, storing them in a spreadsheet or web browser.

Visit the 1Password page.

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