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New App: Disable Stalking

When I add a new contact to my phone sometimes I really just want to have the person’s phone number. Unfortunately my phone automatically feels that it should stalk everyone. On every social network. We need someone to build a new app that allows me to specify whether or not that contact should be stalked.

Sure, when I add a friend or family member to my phone I am fine with getting suggestions on where and how I can get updates from them. In most cases, I’ll opt into those. When I meet someone for the first time or add a professional contact I am less likely to do so.


By default, after adding a new contact I’m getting non-stop notifications that I fail to really read and just ‘ok,’ linking those additional profiles and, therefore, following them all over the place. Let’s say I add an email address for a person I just met at a work function. I wake up the next day with the following notifications:

Add them to you Google circles
Follow them on Google+
Connect to them on LinkedIn
Friend them on Facebook
Find out what sleazy places they go on 4Square
Follow their cat’s feed on Instagram

Without fail, I probably just click ‘yes’ so that the notifications on my phone go away. Now, without really meaning to I’ve sent 6 notifications to them that I am literally stalking their every move. No wonder they don’t return my emails to set up that meeting that we discussed.

The solution: Disable Stalking. When I add a contact to my phone I want an option that I can click which indicates that I do not want all my apps to get in a frenzy trying to watch their every move. Let’s leave that to the NSA.
stalk this contact

If, by chance, this does already exist please let me know.

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