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Optimizely – simplify A/B testing

Optimizely logoThese days most people realize the benefits and importance of A/B testing but there are some barriers, particularly for those less technical or with limited budgets. Optimizely is solving both of these problems — create and launch an A/B test in minutes with minor or drastic changes to your web pages.

What does Optimizely do?
Load any page of your website in Optimizely and start making changes. Changes can range from small tweaks to colors or a call to action all the way to full layout and functionality changes of the website. You can create any number of variations for this page. You then add a snippet of code to your website and voila, the changes are live and you can start analyzing the results of the changes.

How do I get my website to work with Optimizely?
It could not be easier. Simply create a new experiment and type in the URL that you want to test on. Optimizely will load that page within it’s frame and you can start making whatever alterations you’d like, from small color and style changes to major layout. Changes can be made within the HTML of the page or using a WYSIWYG editor for those that are less technical.

What if I am not code savvy or skilled at design?
The editor is extremely simple to use, allowing you to drag and drop any element on the page rather than editing the HTML. You can also use color pickers and the ‘style guide’ to make changes to the CSS of any element on the page.

How do I add the Optimizely code to my website?
Again, simple. A snippet of JavaScript is generated for your experiement. This snippet can be added to the head block of the webpage that you are testing. If the element is on multiple pages you can add the snippet site wide and then add in all of the URLs where the test should appear.

What if I don’t want all visitors to see the test?
You can easily target the experiment to certain audiences. You can easily (at any time) adjust the percentage of visitors that see a certain experiment. You can also select specific browsers and URLs where the test should show. This allows you to also not the test to users under certain circumstances (excluding mobile browsers or Internet Explorer).

How do I know if the new variations are a success?
You click on element on the page and add click tracking. This click tracking can be used to gauge success in terms of conversion rate. In addition you can opt in to have these conversions sent to your analytics tool, including options like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Omniture.

Is the reporting any good?
The reports are well laid out and easy to understand. All the basic data is presented in a clear and easy to digest format to see aggregate information about visits, engagement and conversions. Each variation that you’ve created is easily compared to the others and against the control (original page) to see what kind of lift or decrease in conversion rate the new variations are having.

How much does it cost?
All plans offer a 30 day free trial. Depending on your website’s traffic the rates vary between the tiers available, from $19 per month to $399+ per month. Discounts are also available for paying for a year in advance instead of having a month to month plan.

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