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PromoSimple – the RaffleCopter alternative

PromoSimpleHave you run a sweepstakes or giveaway on your website and realized it can be painful to build landing pages, Facebook applications, form fields for collecting data, social media buttons tossed in randomly and then trying to export data to randomize and choose winners?

Many bloggers our there have turned to Rafflecopter to manage giveaways, but for a more flexible solution you need to check out PromoSimple. If not, think about all that work, then still check out PromoSimple and realize how easy it can be to run this type of promotion.

Why run a sweepstakes?
Sweepstakes and contests are one of the best ways online to collect leads, gain subscribers, grow ‘Likes’ and increase your ‘Followers’. Your users are supporting you and this is a great way to offer them a chance at a ‘Thank you’ prize as well as encourage new users to give you a try. It is also an ideal way to gather more information about your users — it’s great to have tons of visits to your website but as we all know you really need to stay top of mind through social media engagement and email contact. Okay, I suppose you don’t actually have to but rest assured your competitors certainly are…

Okay, sweepstakes are great, but why choose PromoSimple?
It’s comprehensive, cheap and easy to use. It is really as simple as that but I’ll throw in a few more reasons to appease everyone. PromoSimple offers a wide variety of options for creating a giveaway from requiring contact and demographic information to ensure that you know as much as possible about your users and sweepstakes entrants. On top of that you can also require or make it optional for entrants to take actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or RSS feed, leaving feedback or create unique, custom entry types.

PromoSimple social mediaHow does it help engage via social media?
In addition to the entry options above you can require (or make optional) ‘Liking’ a Facebook page, sending a specific ‘Tweet’ or becoming a ‘Follower’ on Twitter. These actions can all be set to require the entrant to approve an application which will communicate with Facebook or Twitter to determine whether the action has actually been completed; it will also record their data from the social network to make it easy and quick for the entrant. For users that already ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ the entry form will recognize that fact and not ask the user to take any actions. You can also integrate Instagram or Pinterest actions into your campaign to gain new followers, favorites, pins and additional actions.

What if you’re focused on building an email list?
You can integrate MailChimp, Mad Mimi and Constant Contact into your sweepstakes to automatically subscribe users to specific newsletter lists within your email service provider account. Select whether users can opt-in or if they must subscribe in order to enter the promotion. You can also offer this action as a bonus entry to give the user additional chances to win for subscribing.

Is it another atrocious ‘widget’ that is going to defile my website?
Nope, PromoSimple has a standard design but also includes an easy-to-use design customization tool that anyone can use (I’ve literally witnessed a 5 year old use it) to create a design with your brand’s colors and styles. You can also throw in an image, change fonts, background colors, etc.

Why not build it myself?
In a matter of minutes you can create a sweepstakes, click publish and have a live promotion. Try doing that with your development and design teams. In addition, in less than 20 seconds you can use the Facebook app to add it as a tab on your Facebook page. One of the benefits is that this entry form can live concurrently on an unlimited number of websites in addition to Facebook and the hosted micro-site that is provided automatically (and is also customizable).

Is it going to break the bank and make the campaign not worthwhile?
Doubtful. You can run an unlimited number of sweepstakes for free with a Basic (free) a PromoSimple account or you can choose one of the paid plans for a monthly fee designed for Bloggers ($15), Small Businesses ($75) and a Brand & Agency plan ($295).

Create giveaways and sweepstakes

**Disclaimer: this was written by a PromoSimple user & employee**

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