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Facebook won’t show me the Content I want

Facebook has released many updates to it’s Newsfeed algorithm over the past year and many of them are documented on their blog. Most sound ideal in terms of delivering more relevant content to users, while others are, while data based decisions simply don’t make sense. These changes impact the Facebook platform from the user and the brand’s perspectives.

The most recent speculation is that organic reach of Facebook pages will drop to 1-2%. According to an anonymous source, ValleyWag is reporting that Facebook is drastically slashing the reach of organic posts on Facebook.

While the point that Facebook is a business and therefore can take such actions in order to push brands and businesses into paying to promote their posts is valid, is this change going to negatively impact to user experience enough to drive users away from the platform?

From my view as a Facebook user, I’ve ‘Liked’ a slew of Pages on Facebook with the expectation that I am going to see updates and information from those Pages. If this organic change is occurring, then my newsfeed is no longer really containing the information that I specifically told Facebook that I want to see.

Content fatigue

Over the past two days I logged onto Facebook five times. Because of their December update the stories on which users comment are continuously bumped to the top of the newsfeed. This means that I see the same content over and over again until people finally shut and stop adding comments. To me, this is a terrible user experience. I would much rather see fresh content than see that a friend has commented on that article that was relevant yesterday and is already old news.

News sites and articles

That same December update showed that users really enjoy seeing news and articles. Comments, likes and shares abound on this type of content, which is great. However, if I ‘Like’ 100 different Facebook Pages, 5 of which are ‘News’ sites, I would expect that about 5% of the Page content in my newsfeed to be from this type of source. I think they’ve taken this way too far and the newsfeed is overwhelmed by this content. If I really wanted to view every article by wouldn’t I just go to their site?

Recode had a recent article called ‘Calm Down. Facebook is not screwing you.’ While this article was targeted toward the managers of Facebook pages, Facebook users might want to argue against the points made in this article. While it depicts past companies like Yahoo and Google which integrated paid content, there is a huge difference between those companies and Facebook. On Facebook, the user has specifically requested information from companies and brands while search engines are primary discovery tools and the expectation is to see results that you were not aware of. Users have spent time customizing the content shown in their Newsfeeds and Facebook is now deciding for them whether or not they can organically see that information. Will they revolt?

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