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The day Batkid won the internet

That the Make a Wish Foundation is a fantastic non-profit is not news to anyone. Today’s stunt for Batkid, however, was equal parts genius and creative. The child was able to get his wish and the foundation was covered in every publication and took over social media.

Who is Batkid?

In San Francisco, 11,000 volunteers offered their time to make the wish of Miles, a 5-year-old whose leukemia is currently in remission, come true. Throughout the city, Miles, in his very own Batmobile, took to the streets to solve crimes. This included saving a woman tied up on train tracks and catching the Riddler and stopping a bank heist perpetrated by the Penguin.

Involvement from the city

The day started with a special edition paper printed by the San Francisco Chronicle to let everyone know that Batman was on the streets and fighting crime in the city. With his little brother, dressed as Robin, by his side he drew huge crowds throughout the day as he ventured from one scene to the next.

Make a Wish foundation

This performance, by Make A Wish, was incredible both in terms of making a child’s dream come true and in terms of generating great press and awareness for their foundation. At 5 PM EST their site was still experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ due to the attention generated by the ‘Batkid’. It will be extremely interesting to learn just how much this attention generated in donations from people impressed with today’s events.

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