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LinkedIn creates an awful design for connecting users

In general, the LinkedIn interface is quite easy to use and well laid out. Over the past few years they’ve made some huge steps toward making it easier to locate connections and find information throughout the website However, their new design implementation for showing ‘People that you may know’ is, well, terrible.

Previous, simple and effective design

The previous version, while maybe not spectacularly well designed was simple and effective. You could glance at the people listed there and perhaps one of them catches your attention so you proceed to connect to them. You had an image, title, name, etc. so that it was clear who you were looking at.

LinkedIn does often show me tons of people with names I know but it’s not actually the person I know, they just happen to have the same name as someone in my email list. The images and titles definitely help out there so I’m not connecting to a bunch of randoms.

Brand new, incomprehensible design

The new version is too focused on the images. In fact, that’s all it shows. I am not sure of the percentage of people who don’t have a LinkedIn profile picture, but it’s quite high based on my connections. This new version shows me four tiny pictures, of which about 50% are the default image. This means I have no idea who they are telling me to connect to unless I hover each one individually. This is not going to happen.

My suggestion to LinkedIn: go back to the original design or rework some implementation that deals with the unidentified mystery people that you’re currently showing me.

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