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Add a Facebook Like button to your site

Social media networks are making easier and easier to add their widgets and buttons to websites. It seems that there are way too many button out there right now so if you’re only going to add one the Facebook ‘Like’ is probably the best option for you.

You can use the Facebook widget to create you widget (yup, widgets are all the rage. To get the button from Facebook you can fill out a few fields and have your code to add to your site within three minutes.

URL to Like: Enter the URL of your website so that when users click the button you’ve specified the web page that will show up in their news feed on Facebook.

Send Button: This option adds a second button which allows the user to send a notification to their Facebook wall about your website.

Layout Style: This dictates the size of the button and whether the button shows the number of people who have ‘Liked’ the URL before you.

Width: This decides how wide the widget will be so that you can ensure the iFrame that is created fits into the space allotted on your website.

Show Faces: You are able to determine whether people who already ‘Like’ the website will have their profile pictures shown. The user will first see any of their friends who already ‘Like’ the site, hopefully enticing them to also ‘Like’ it.

Verb to Display: You can choose from options such as ‘Like’ or ‘Recommend’.

Color Scheme: Choices of Light or Dark will allow the widget to fit into the color and design of your website.

Font: Choose from six options that will help the widget look more like it is part of your site, even though it is being served by Facebook.

This widget is actually served by Facebook so that the dynamic functionality is all handled by them. Unfortunately this can mean that it loads a bit slower than the rest of your website, which is clearly not always ideal. However, most believe that the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives as you see this button all over the web.

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