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Creating a Site in Nearly Free Speech

I am a fan of Nearly Free Speech, particularly for smaller traffic websites, because of the fact that you’re able to pay only for the bandwidth that you use, which can be huge savings for a smaller website. The interface, however, is not quite as intuitive as some other, more expensive hosting platforms.

You can follow these steps to get your website up and running in just a few minutes. These instructions do not include purchasing a domain name, but this is also feasible within NearlyFreeSpeech.

Create a new Site

Go to the Sites tab and click on Create a New Site. Use a shortname (mywebsite) that you will remember easily.
Every site must have a unique “short name” that we will use to identify it. A few things to keep in mind when creating this naming convention:
You cannot use the same “short name” as any other member’s site.
Your short name can only contain letters and numbers. (Uppercase and lowercase don’t matter.)
It can have between 1 and 63 characters, but 6 to 12 seems to be the best.
You will be able to access your site, if you want to, as: http://(mywebsite)

Set Aliases for your website

Once you’ve created the Site, you can also create aliases. These are the URLs that users may type into their browsers. These will redirect to the actual URL that you are using. If your website is ‘example’ you may want to create and/or

Set a Canonical name

When your website is being setup you can select a Canonical name. This is the default URL for your website. Your website will be able to recognize the aliases that you’ve setup and will, by default redirect users from those addresses to this Canonical Address. For instance, you may want the alias of to become the default URL for your website.

Add your DNS records

If your website is hosted elsewhere you can select ‘I will setup my own DNS and Email’. This can be setup later, once your website is setup the way that you want it. If you’d like to host your domain with NFS you can choose one of the options to setup a DNS at this time.

  • Please set up DNS and email forwarding automatically.
  • Please set up DNS, but I do not want to use email with this domain.
  • I will set up my own DNS and email.

Choose a server type

Depending on the type of content on your website select the server that best suits your needs. There is an option for Static sites but if using WordPress choose one of the Apache options. I would typically use the selection that is noted below, as this is affordable and suits the needs of most lower traffic websites.
[Default] Apache 2.4, PHP 5.4, CGI
Notes: A good general-purpose option for dynamic sites.
Does not use safe_mode, open_basedir, or memory_limit.
Base Daily Cost: $0.01 / day
Resource Charge: none
Storage Charge: $0.01 / megabyte-month

Setup a MySQL Process and create a database for your NearlyFreeSpeech Site.

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