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Setting up MySQL for NearlyFreeSpeech Sites

Now that you’ve created a new site within your NearlyFreeSpeech account, your next step is setting up your database and a MySQL process. This is necessary in order to add content to the website if you’d like to install a content management system like WordPress.

Add a MySQL Process

Go to the mysql tab within your NearlyFreeSpeech account. In the Actions navigation click on Create a New MySQL Process
Choose a name for your database (examplesite). This will create a database using that naming convention (examplesite.db). It usually takes about 2 minutes for the MYSQL Process to be created. You can refresh this page and you will see the status for the process change from Stopped to Running.

Create a Database

Go to the MySQL tab and click on the new MySQL process that you’ve created. From the right navigation choose ‘Create a Database’. Enter a name for your database (something like wpsitename works well). Your username will be pre-populated. Create a password for the database. This information is going to be used to access the content of the your database, for instance, by your WordPress system.

Connecting your your new website

In order to add content to your new website you can use File Transfer software, such as FileZilla. You can view your login information from the Sites section in NearlyFreeSpeech. Using SSH / SFTP is the wise way to connect, using a more secure File Transfer Protocol than just FTP. This will automatically be enabled within your Nearly Free Speech account, while the FTP login will be disabled by default.

Install WordPress on your NearlyFreeSpeech site.

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